In the third largest city in the Czech Republic, Ostrava, there remain vestiges of a former industrial boom, which defined its identity and reason for its existence. Karolina is an immense void, immediately adjacent to the old town of Ostrava, where once stood massive buildings for the production of steel and steel by-products. It is a well-known former brown-field site, reclaimed successfully in the early 1990’s, which the City of Ostrava planned to be a strategic expansion of its urban morphology.

With the urban need for a real ‘plaza’ in this pedestrian environment, our strategy was create a public space to both announce and connect the new city quarter with Old Town, supported by the assimilation of streets and blocks characteristic of Ostrava. The new square is marked by a tower, and draws people with a proposed shopping galleria on its South-West edge. The scheme is anchored in history with two of the original industrial halls preserved for cultural functions. A university ‘village’ and sports center connect Karolina to a new bio-corridor, which forms the eastern border of this new city district.

full name Ostrava Karolina City Expansion
code 158KOE
place Ostrava, Czech Republic
use commercial, residential, university village, sports, parks, gard
scale 350 000m²
investor PASSERINVEST Group