After nearly ten years of working on the project, CMCARCHITECTS finally got the opportunity to super-position two new objects along the A7 Brewer primary entry wall, on U Pruhonu Street. The industrial spirit on this cultural monument site was, and still remains, the single most important character of the A7 Holesovice Brewery project, so CMC took this inspiration to invent two new brutal, minimalistic ‘industrial’ objects, which offer loft-like office space in very simple, effective buildings.

The dark perforated metal facades speak to the details and industrial materials of the original historical buildings, and also allow the beautiful reconstructed gatehouse, in light plaster render, to shine in the daylight as the focus of attention in this poetic environment. In the evening, however, the roles reverse, and the new CMC objects come to life with LED’s marking the shape and character of their facades. The zig-zag movement theme is CMC’s expression, on all new A7 Brewery architectural elements, of the important dynamic for change this revitalized industrial monument site has initiated over the past ten years.

Both objects are approximately 2 500m2, with retail on the ground floors and three office levels above. The construction system is reinforced concrete, and the technical systems include 4-pipe fan coils ceiling mounted.

full name A7 Brewery
code 166AHP
place Prague, Czech Republic
use commercial, offices
scale 5,000m²
investor ING RE, CZ