The site of a former military production plant for weapons, the Brno Armory is designated as an urban regeneration zone, which should have an extended bio-corridor along its waterway, with parks and living areas essentially extending the city with a new, modern and ecological district. The design brief was to invent such a spontaneous place, with up to 400 000m2, accommodating as well schools, shopping, entertainment and offices.
Links and connections in this urban scheme are vital to the existing fabric – while it is a spontaneous place, it could not be perceived as an exclusive ‘island’, and, therefore, required pedestrian and transport connections to facilitate interaction with its context. It is intended as a celebration of assimilation, with exceptional aspects, and urban events within its core area, to be discovered and enjoyed by its community.

full name Brno Armory Urban Regeneration
code 212 ZBR
place Brno, CZ
use residential, retail, offices, hotel, restaurants, gardens, bio-c
scale 400 000m²
investor J&T Real Estate
publicity / awards yes